5/10/15pcs Makeup Brushes Set Professional Cosmetics Soft Hair Makeup Brush

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  • Professionally designed high-quality brushes contain well packed smooth and soft hypoallergenic premium synthetic brush hair that can pick up cosmetic makeup powders efficiently without waste and saves you money on the makeup powder. We use premium synthetic soft bristle so that it's easy for you to clean and gentle on the skin
  • SOFT and SILKY to the touch, the brushes are dense and shaped well.
  • Soft but firm to apply makeup, the bristles also do not fall out during the makeup application process.
  • Get our incredibly simple to use brush set for your important daily makeup use or purchase one as a valuable gift to your friend, family, or loved ones, they will love this amazing brush set.

Our brand was born out of a desire to see women everywhere looking and feeling like the best versions of themselves. We stand behind women looking to wear a glow they can be proud of. Since bbl was founded, we've seen year-to-year growth with thousands of repeat clients and loyal customers who've helped us achieve this success so far.

    Real Perfection

    • We sincerely believe life is beautiful and so are you. Our motto is to live every single day happily, that is why we design and produce each product with that goal in mind.
    • With the help of our professional makeup brushes, you will always look stunning elegant, and confident.
    • Beauty truly is power, thus, we hope that you will allow our products to assist you throughout your journey of becoming a powerful figure.
    • Brand Name: Atom Oracle
    • Item Name: Marble Brushes Set
    • Brush Type: Makeup Brush
    • Brush Material: Synthetic Hair
    • Size: 13-16cm
    • Quantity: 5/10PCS
    • Model Number: B0389CV7
    • Handle Material: Plastic
    • Weight: 22g, 42g, 80g
    • Feather: Soft & High quality
    • Colors: Black,white,gold,pink,yellow,purple,rose,green
    • Used With: Blusher, Concealer, Eye Shadow, Eyeliner, FOUNDATION, Lip, Powder, Sets & Kits, Eyelashes, Bronzer Brush, Sculpting Brush, Highlighter Brush, Eyebrow brush