Fitness Pulley Cable System Lifting Triceps Rope Machine Workout Sports Accessories

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  • 360-degree rotation pulley can prevent the rope from twisting, and a smooth roller ensures a fine traverse of the rope.
  • Sturdy steel trolley slot, mute and smooth sliding, enjoy the fun of movement.
  • Strong tricep rope and lanyard with heavy load capacity for numerous applications.
  • Adjustable 2.0m long cable allows a variety of workouts where you may require a longer cable length, such as seated lat-pulls, abdominal workouts
  • Providing fine versatility for your home gyms, training studios, or various workout environments.


  • Fitness DIY Pulley System GYM: Viajero 2020 Latest upgraded LAT fitness lat pull down and Lift Up machine allows you to set up gym equipment anywhere you go effortlessly. Simply changing the connection ways to get two functional exercise modes: Pull down and Lift up. Train your biceps, triceps, shoulders, and back. Such as Biceps Curl, Triceps Pull Down, Lat Pull Down, Row, Fly.
  • Upgraded Loading Pin Fit Both Olympic and Standard Plates: After receiving some feedback from our customers, we have modified and upgraded the original version. Equipped with a detachable widened loading pin to fit both Olympic and Standard weight Plates, and a Barbell Clip to keep the plates in place securely.
  • Triceps Heavy Rope & Straight Curl Bar: The 20” straight tricep bar features a steel pipe & EVA textured rubber coating handle to make it function well. And the 26’’ heavy Triceps Rope is made of heavy-duty black nylon braided rope with solid rubber ends and chrome plated swivel attachment provides fluently rotating movement. Performing pull-downs, triceps press-downs, upright rows, straight bar curls, seated rows, plus more.
  • 360°Rota-table Silent Pulley & 90” Adjustable Steel Cable: Equipped a 360°rota-table silent pulley, made of special heavy steel, ensure stability and prevents the rope from twisting, mute and smooth sliding. Also comes with a 90” high strength sheathed cable for keeping strength, durability. For Double Security, we add 2 U screws to prevent the cable from slipping, ensure your safe use.


  • Brand Name: Atom Oracle
  • Item Type: Sports Accessories
  • Model Number: ZNM311R427
  • Application: Strength Training Apparatus
  • Compatibility: All Compatible