Waterproof Wall Stickers Bathroom Kitchen Self Adhesive Sink Sealing Tapes

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  • The wall corner seam becomes dirty and blackens due to dust. With creases in the middle, linear design for free tortuous.
  • Due to kitchen fumes, the walls around the kitchen countertop turn yellow and the kitchen fumes are difficult to clean.
  • The paint on the seam where the tub meets the wall and the bathroom sink started to peel off due to wetness.


  • Great Sealing And Unique Design: Soft and flexible caulk sealing strip with a crease in the middle, can be folded at 90 degrees to quickly seal the gap between the walls, and also can be used for existing caulking, to achieve the finishing effect.
  • Wide Range Of Applications: It can be stick Paste to the gaps in Gap in the kitchen stove, shower edges and around the base of the toilet, and other dirty corners and Corners prone to moisture. To keep your kitchen and bathroom clean and tidy. An easy alternative to regular caulk.
  • Easy Install and Remove: The tape is self-adhesive, Just peel off the plastic film of the caulk strip on the adhesive surface, then press firmly,(Before pasting, there must be no dust on the surface of the product, and it must be kept dry, then the surface of the product can be heated with a hairdryer, the stickiness will be stronger and firmer.) Strong non-marking glue, tearing off the sticking without leaving traces.
  • Product Size and Material: Tailoring convenience, Can According to actual needs Any cut~PE and Viscose fiber material, no smell specially designed for the family.

Wide Range Of Use:

  • Ideal for sealing the seams of a gas stove, sink, basin, bathtub, and walls.
  • It could prevent them from getting moldy and blackening, keeping the kitchen and bathroom clean and tidy.
  • Used for gaps between walls and walls, Prevent water and dirt from sticking to the surface.
  • usually apply to any flat and smooth surface like marble, glass, painted wood, etc.

Warm Tips:

  1. Please completely clean the surface and make sure it’s dry, remove any existing silicone caulking prior to installation.
  2. Press firmly on the caulk strip and wait about 12-24 hours to ensure a tight seal for a better effect.
  3. Please heat the caulk tape by hair dryer for better stickiness before usage.


  • Brand Name: Atom Oracle
  • Item Type: Sealing Tape
  • Style: Modern
  • Material: PVC
  • Model Number: WQ894RT
  • Pattern: Plane Wall Sticker
  • Compatibility: All Compatible